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Parks, waterfalls and hot springs.

In Pucon.

National Parks


Huerquehue National Park

It is located 36 km from the city center, taking the S-199 route towards Caburgua. 2 km before, you must turn right onto route S-911 in the direction of the National Park, which was created in 1967 with an area of 12,500 hectares. It is a protected area that houses a great diversity of flora and fauna, highlighting the presence of trees such as Araucarias, Mañíos, Tepas and Coigües; while the fox, the puma, the pudú, the chucao and the güiña, are part of the fauna of the place.


8.5 kilometers from Pucón, by international road, entrance to Los Calabozos street. El Salto el Claro has a round trip path of 800 meters. Its main attraction is a waterfall of approximately 90 meters.


the Clear


hot springs

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Pucón Indomitable Hot Springs

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